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Master Insurance Policy

If you or your Mortgage company need a certificate of insurance - please go to the Document Tab above for directions on how to obtain the certificate of insurance

Welcome to Our Community Website

This website is an information resource for our homeowners and a place to communicate with our Community Association Board of Directors. 

Registered members receive important Community Association announcements via email (like upcoming Association meetings, community events, etc).

Community Management Information

Professionally Managed by DBL-B Property Management, LLC.

Owner / Manager -  Bobbi Lynn Medina

  dblbpropertymanagement@gmail.com  720-660-9129



Official Website of the Green Mountain Townhouses II Owners Association, Lakewood, CO

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Aluminum Wiring Facts-February 2015

Requirement of All Owners at Green Mountain II Townhouses


All owners are required to connect their wiring to Copulam Connectors. Alumicon connectors are less expensive however not all insurance companies accept the Alumicon connectors. Purple wire nut connections are not approved. The connections must be completed by renewal of our insurance, June 30, 2015. The cost of the connections is a homeowner responsibility. It is each owner’s responsibility to obtain bids from certified Copalum or Alumicon electricians to connect the aluminum wiring in your home and garage.


Nationwide Requirement-Not just Green Mountain II


The aluminum wiring in the Green Mountain Homes is a safety issue and must be corrected to obtain insurance in the standard insurance market. We are not the only community affected by this requirement.  All multi-family buildings in the nation are being required to connect their aluminum wiring within their homes. All homes that sell in Green Mountain Townhouses II will be required to install the Copulam Connectors prior to closing. Liens will be filed against the property until the certificate of completion is received by the HOA.


Some homes do have copper wiring, if you do; we need proof from a certified electrician.

If you have already installed the connectors in your home, we will need proof from an electrician of the connectors being installed. Please mail, fax or email to us the proof of your connection to dblbpropertymanagement@gmail.com or mail to 650 S. Youngfield Court, Lakewood, CO 80226.


Certified Electricians for Copalum

                    Titan Electric - 303-237-7529

                    Aluminum Wire Repair - 720-299-4706

Grants or Low Cost Loans for Connections may be available to you!

If you are elderly or disabled or low income you may qualify for a grant to get your aluminum connections updated.

There are also low cost loans with 3% interest available if you meet the income guidelines:

For more details or to fill out an application, please call Melody at 303-403-5423. (Please speak up and clearly with Melody, she is hard of hearing)